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Top Causes of Pipe Damage in Eugene Homes?

4/30/2024 (Permalink)

A person with a broken and leaking pipe calls for help. We are trusted leaders in water damage restoration services in Lane County.

Our local South Eugene and Florence teams have been restoring water damage from broken pipes for many years. Here are some of the top causes of pipe damage:

Corrosion: Over time, pipes made of materials such as galvanized steel or cast iron may corrode due to exposure to water, chemicals, and soil conditions, resulting in leaks or breaks.

Soil shifting: Eugene's soil composition, including clay-rich soils prevalent in the area, can undergo seasonal expansion and contraction, exerting pressure on underground pipes and causing them to crack or collapse.

Tree roots: Tree roots seeking moisture can infiltrate underground pipes through small cracks or joints, leading to blockages, damage, or ruptures in the pipe system.

Age and wear: Aging infrastructure and worn-out pipes are more susceptible to breaks and failures due to material degradation, weakening, and fatigue over time.

Construction activities: Excavation or construction projects in the area may inadvertently damage underground pipes, leading to breaks or ruptures in the water or sewer lines.

High water pressure: Excessive water pressure within the plumbing system can strain pipes, causing them to weaken or fail, particularly at joints or connections.

By addressing these common causes and implementing preventive measures such as regular inspections, maintenance, and proper insulation, residents and property owners in Eugene can help mitigate the risk of broken pipes and associated water damage.

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